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CSPCA By-Law Changes

posted Jan 29, 2018, 1:05 PM by PCASC Secretary
Dear PCASC Members:

I wanted to relay information to you regarding a concern that your PCASC Board of Directors have regarding proposed changes to the CSPCA by-laws.

On January 9, 2018, we all received an email from CSPCA advising us that they have recommended changes to the by-laws and will be asking for our vote at the State conference in San Diego.

In reference to Article 4 Section 1, the proposed new language does nothing to eliminate the prohibition against Directors from serving as CSPCA board officers. The Northern (PCANC) and Southern (PCASC) associations have both amended their by-laws to make board officer positions available to both Commissioners and Directors. CSPCA has not and will not recruit or select Directors to be CSPCA Board officers.

Our regional PCASC Board of Directors, with your support, changed our by-laws years ago to allow Commissioners and Directors to be elected as board officers. I am proud that PCASC recognizes the contributions of all of our members. We encourage all members to join our board and provide them the opportunity to become future association leaders. Last year, we also made changes to our Associations name and logo to reflect our collaborative accomplishments.

A change in Article 4 should allow Directors to be Board officers of CSPCA. Including directors in the election process would reflect the collective will of the majority of the members of the Northern and Southern Regional Associations.  CSPCA Board of Directors have no qualms in assigning Directors to contribute their time, expertise and energy in preparing and conducting the annual conferences, seminars and the Merit Academy.  We believe that the same expertise and energy does qualify Directors for CSPCA board officer positions.  We are disappointed that CSPCA Board of Directors have not followed the lead of PCASC and PCANC.

The PCASC Board of Directors recommends that CSPCA make by-law revisions that would include both Commissioners and Directors in the nomination and election process for board officer positions. We recommend that the CSPCA board establish a committee to develop the required language to make this change in the by-laws and then allow membership the opportunity to vote on the proposed change.

Thank you,

Bernie Konig
President, PCASC
Director, Personnel Commission
Centinela Valley Union High School District