About Us

Personnel Commissions Association of Southern California (PCASC) is a subset organization under the California School Personnel Commissioners Association (CSPCA), and regulated by articles outlined in our Bylaws and Procedures document. Both documents are accessible to the public and attached below.

Our organization consists of personnel commissioners of school districts, directors of classified personnel, community colleges, and County Offices of Educations who have adopted the merit system provided for in the Education Code, State of California. Similar to CSPCA our objectives are the following:

"…to promote and advance public education on a non-commercial, nonsectarian, and nonpartisan basis, through programs of research, investigation, and communication designed to stimulate and improve public school classified personnel management to the benefit of the district and their classified staffs."


Our meetings are held four times a year and provide an opportunity for members to address some of the key issues facing Southern California school districts. Additionally we offer public comments during our meetings to hear and learn from you. We encourage you to please visit our upcoming agenda and hope to see you at our next meeting.


PCASC General Brochure